Disneyland vacation

After 5 hours of flying and 2 hours of waiting in line to rent the car we finally arrived in the room to relax a bit. I must say that I am a big fan of Disney Parks and whenever I’m here I feel like a child and I want to see and do as many as I can. The first thing was to visit Downtown Disney where we were impressed by the similarity with the park from Florida. The similarities were only at stores and the differences were at restaurants. Overall the one from California is smaller but it seems nicer and more welcoming. here are some pictures from downtown disneyland.




Music and Dance

We cannot separate them. I don’t think that we know what was first music or dance. Both emerged as a result of communication between people. Even for animals dancing is a way to communicate.If we look in the history of the world will see so many different styles of music and dancing. Every style of music is associated with a style of dance. Every time when people were  trying to express their dreams that were not allowed to do it in writing or speaking so they found a way through dancing or music.

Dance is the hidden language of the body that everyone has his own translation. Dancing can express our feelings or our mood at the time and only the dancer knows the true meaning of dance.  One dance can have more than one translations.  For some people a dance can be complicated and un translated. But each of us has its own unique dance that is imprinted in our human genes.

Music is the brainchild of the brain due to our feelings. Music can make or influence our feelings. Therefore when listening to a snappy song in the morning the day starts with enthusiasm. I believe that music is the only universal language that everybody in the world understands.

For me music is the language that God gave us and the dance is our translation.

God gave us the music so we can dance our life.


When you think that we are all subjected to this and our entire daily existence is tied to this list. At home , at work , at school , at gyms we have a to do list. Everywhere and everything we do has to do with this to do list. In today’s society we can’t cope without these lists and in the end of the day we try to accomplish them. If we can’t accomplish one of the chore we try to find excuses and other reasons to remove it from the list or change the list at our sole discretion. We do not even try to see the true cause of failure.
The same thing happens with our goals that we made them for our life. Sometimes we choose an easier solution to what we wanted to do even though we know that is far from what we wanted from the beginning. How strange and crazy we are, we ignore our failures just because it’s easier for us.
I wonder how many people have achieved their goals in life from their first to do list. I can consider myself a lucky man because I achieved most of them but I hope that I will mark all my goals from my list until the end of my life.

St. Jacobs Farmers Market

Today we went to St. Jacobs farmers market. it is a place where most of the farmers are Mennonites from around. Usually we buy some smoke sausage, eggs farms but today we bought a beef salami made by Mennonites. It is delicious StJacobsFarmersMarket

you can see on this picture. we like the place and we are visiting this place very often.

I have more picture and I will share with you.

DSC03862   DSC03864   DSC03860  DSC03865  DSC03869  DSC03863 DSC03868

The place is located near Kitchener city, Ontario

Blooming Flowers

Look at that plant it has a bud. I wonder what kind is and what colour will be. DSC03846 - Copy

Now everybody is thrilled to know more about the new flower.

And the bud is starting to open

Everybody can see some petals and now we all start to guess what colour is.

And its opening more for our delightDSC03847

Nobody can stop it.

in the end the beautiful flower that we all waiting for


And more.

.DSC03849DSC03850DSC03857DSC03846  DSC03858

Letter to CEO

My name is Adrian B and I know that you don’t care instead here is my employee number 1234.

Look I know is going to piss you off and this in going to look like I am causing problems. I’m not! I care for this plant, where I spend most of my time in the last 12 years and that’s why I’ve got the nerve to write this letter. Please take the time to really read this letter and digest it because it reflects the feeling of your new employees.

Recently you bought our company and last month your HR corporate manager came down to inform us about new changes in our plant. Your HR corporate manager presentation was a little bit of bullying: like IT’S ONLY BUSINESS and WE SHOULD BE LUCKY THAT WE HAVE A JOB. We find out that last year you close four plants and you are feeling so content about that, we got that from your HR.

We realized by now that you bought us only for our business and our customers. But who is doing your business and who deliver the product to the costumers. Yes the employee and that’s US. Then you should be lucky to have us otherwise you don’t have anybody to manage. We have many smart employees whose passion for work has been drained because of your last changes. Everybody doesn’t care about the quality of the product anymore.  It’s just another day for them.

What I am trying to say is that we are not only numbers for you we are people just like your family.  You are like a captain of a ship who has to take care of his ship and people not to throw them over the board and sink the ship if you don’t like them.

When you cut our benefits and make us to pay for them you save around 80.000$ a year (for all employee). That’s not bad for a plant whose yearly profit is 500.000 $. I hope you get my sarcasm. We got here by implementing very good programs like: 7 wastes, 5S, SMED, KAIZEN that are focusing on waste elimination and to improve safety, quality, cost, costumer service, innovation and teamwork.

Now everybody will get the same salary increase, if you decide to give one. I will get the same percentage like the one who’s coming at work just to collect some money.  You are going to reward mediocrity . You know one of the main core values was PEOPLE in translation for you ” The best place to work for the best people”. It’s very hard to raise a team to it’s best but it’s so simple to raise an equity of a corporation.

I bet when you visit our plant you thought you are in a space ship with all the robots and vision systems. Unfortunately when I saw your automation that came to us from your old plant I was impressed that you are still in business. You are 25 year behind us on everything: management, quality, automation and more.

I am fed up with this so-called CEO who’s management skills are limited to just making money for the day and not thinking of tomorrow. We all know that you close your plant because they had union but with this changes don’t be surprise when people will bring the union in this plant too. You need to bring humanity back into the business. Leading corporations are aware that most of the employees would trade a pay raise for an increase in personal wellness.

I am closing my letter with one hope that you will never ever go on reality show “Undercover Boss” don’t make yourself a hypocrite too. But it’s not too late to watch the show so you can learn that is all about your employee. They are the one who thrive your company not the machines.

My garden

I showed you some pictures of my garden the day I plant them. Now I have new pictures with my vegetables.

As you see my tomatoes are started to ripe.



and cucumbers too.wp-1375038042640

And I have a picture with a nice flower. I hope you like them.






An old man named Kronos

He brought it on the Earth.

We use it every moment

Ever since we have born.

We measure it in units

That only us we know.

Seconds are for hug

A minute is for thought.

A day is for a celebrate

Weeks are for commemorate. 

Months are for procreation.

Years for the candles on a cake.

Now we have to cherish it

Because it’s something free

To spend it wise and clever.

That is the TIME for me.