The mystery of a verse

august 235


Late in the night, I felt asleep,

With my head resting, on the paper sheets.

Early in the morning, after I woke up

I started to recite, what I inscribed.

Suddenly I stopped, I deleted one verse…

That is not right!!!

What I wanted to write?

For hours I kept thinking,

To an obscure mystery,

Of an unheard little poetry,

Hiding deep in my memory.


4 thoughts on “The mystery of a verse

  1. This one ends like my writing adventures just before bed. I have a thought and it just vanishes into thin air, or it doesn’t sound right when I dictate it. I only remember having had an amazing thought. x

    • You are right it is finishing like a thought but I live with the hope that will came back later. And who knows someday I will finish it :). Thank you for your nice comment. All the best to you.

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