Advice or not

Living in this vast of energies and thoughts people are looking for advises. We all try to help our children or friends with our advice about life but are we allowed to give them? Everyone is different and has his own path and what is good for us may not be good for others. Everything you say is influenced by what your life has taught you. How we know what’s best for them?

One the other hand because we are not emotional involve we use only logic when we give advice. It’s easy to tell a friend to leave his partner because he/she cheated. The worst advice is when we give advice without having experienced those problems. Or we were not even able to solve those problems in our life.

I wonder how you would need to talk to people to not influence them with your advice. Even God is guiding us and let us to figure out the answer. Sometimes the best advice for a friend is just to listen and let him/her to open his/hers heart and to ease his/hers soul.

Strange thought

In a normal world there’s love, but a different kind of love, different from the one we know. A love without a dependent love that respects the freedom and privacy of each other and most of all his/her decisions, his/her free will.
There are some people who leave and not coming back. We are not talking of physical death. We talk about life on Earth. There are people who feel inside that they have to leave, to remove them self’s from certain places or persons. While most of us are used to live a life together with the same person on the same places.
It’s said that, when you change inside the outside is changing too. Often we call selfish these people who go and leave everything behind. But we don’t know what it’s in their soul. Can they have more love for us than we may know? To be altruist it doesn’t have to mean ,to oppress your spiritual happiness and listen to your intuition, just to please your love one.
If a man is happy in a place with the same people his entire life, another one would not. If a man who’s happy to know people and to communicate with them we say his full of love. That doesn’t mean that if a man is shy he doesn’t love people. Perhaps he loves them more than the first one. So we can not judge a man after our own narrow views. We all have different experiences on our life path.
We are on Earth to find our happiness I guess this means we listen to our intuition. Then whatever happens, whatever people say, no matter how selfish you look in their eyes you have to find peace in your soul.


Many of us promise all sorts of stuff, although we do not have the slightest intention to keep our word. Why? Because we live with the impression that it doesn’t cost us anything to take these words in the wane. Well, with time, I learned on my own skin that the price paid for failure to comply with a promise is very great, because others lose the confidence in me.

From my point of view, a promise is not just that statement accompanied by the word ‘promise’, but is that statement which gives rise to hopes or expectations in the soul of the person to whom it is addressed. That’s because a promise has a larger impact on other than a statement started with might, we try, or if I’ll be able to. And the disappointment caused by a broken promise is far greater than that caused by a probable statement.

Unfortunately, today, people no longer take responsibility even for their actions, much less will not assume when in the middle are just some simple words.

Sometimes an achived  probable statement likely creates a better sense of accomplishment than a promise made.

Everybody is replaceable

How much truth is in this saying? Why we do believe that what we do to somebody cannot happen to us.

When we are at work we must be professional, but who can say where we stop with it. The logic or the common sense. For me common sense should tell you when to stop. But if you don’t have common sense then you try to rely on logic. The logic chases away any feeling that we have and that is not good when you are working with people.

This happened at work today. One of our colleagues was fired. She devoted herself to save more money for the company at the expense of respect for people. You can imagine that she was not beloved. I hope she learn that people feelings and the respect for them is more important the any money.

Who things she/he cannot be replaced at work is wrong and full of shit. You can be the best of all in your field if your boss wants to fire you ,then he will. The company will not go bankrupt because of your leave, than one to slow down a bit. And always will be others to take your place.

I know is sad when somebody is losing a job but a kick in the ass it’s a step forward not backwards. I hope she will find another job soon.

Do not compare!

Yesterday I had a little argument with a colleague at work who claimed its the same thing to have a dog or a child. When I heard I gazed at him and I asked him some simple questions.

How many times have you walked your dog in your arms as having colic?

How many sleepless nights he had when the dog was sick?

How many times a night his awaken to check on dog?

and many other questions like these.

I understand that a dog has a soul as a kid but a child’s growth demands more affection and devotion than a dog. I say that you have more spiritual satisfaction from a child than a dog.

He who does not raised a child cannot make such comparisons. But if you mean that a dog is a responsibility like a child , then yes it’s true. You have to wash them , prepare their food or to go to the doctor, yes these are some of the chore that needs to be made for both and just for this reasons they are the same.

I had a dog and to me a dog is a living thing that you care in exchange for his affection and devotion. Don’t get me wrong I loved my dog but I don’t had to do as many for him as I do for my child.

For me the love for my child is bigger than any love in the world.


Today I want to write about the power to overcome the hardships of life. And one of those weights is fear. Fear of change, fear of the truth, the fear of lying, and fear of death. We all have these fears and yet we express differently when we encounter them. Especially on bad changes some of us leave overwhelmed by them. The first instinct is to give back and fall off into a disarray and disgust.
We control these fears through rules that we follow the steps every day and if one of the rules is broken then fear appears.
Who has no fear of something has no soul. We are brought into this life by God to learn to control these fears. And we will come back into another life until we master all fears then we will ascended. Only humans can experience all fears in a life.