Editing our life.





Editing is a discipline that we start to learn in the moment that we are born. Some people are aspiring to edit perfections, through a level of science and art, while others maintain it at the waterline or don’t give a shit on it. The more society is developed the more we depend on editing.

We are editing not to achieve the perfection

but to cheat the perfection.

We like editing because is very hard printed in our brain and it’s part of human culture.

 The truth with a hint of a lie.

Rearranging your speeches.

Revising your plans.

Amending the situations.

Restriction of your thoughts.

Suppression your dreams.

Control of your happiness.

Overseeing your wealth.

Managing your madness.

Directing your future.

Yes, we know it’s part of our name and after all, we have to let people – and search engines – to know what we are doing.

The word unspoken of The vocal of words

Don’t you feel strange that most of the people are posting happy pictures? Where are all the bad pictures? Are we ashamed of them?

I smile to you with my eyes so I can see it later.

To be honest we need editing. How boring will sound a story if we simply piece together some facts from our life.

Ones upon a time…..


The question you never ask


Sometime I have a question

I don’t want to ask

Since the answer for sure

Is behind of a mask.

And hiding my fear

In doubts and concern

I am waiting the answer

That will get me burn.

Maybe sometimes we are not sure

That we’re entitled to know

And let the fear response

Inside of us to grow.

Like it or not

We have to let go

The fear response of a question

And let your life to glow.

Live in present.


A long time ago I lived in the future

And my future dream becomes present.

For a time I lived in the past,

And my lost memory becomes existence.

When present is unbearable to exist,

Yesterday or tomorrow moments becomes today.

Now I thrive to live in the present,

And my every day hope becomes reality.

Those who enjoy the present can be truly happy

And thus, no longer live with regrets of past days.

Normality or dynamic equilibrium

Since we are born we are overwhelmed with rules that guide us to be normal. I mean we were taught when is normal to feel warm, cold or when is normal to cry or laugh. It is only after we grow up and we getting smarter we begin to realize that normality is a condition in which our soul perceives their surrounding as a result of subsequent events or is determined by our society. The condition of our human feelings are at the root of  our normality and at the same time, these feelings, are developing our “normal” boundaries or standards . In fact, normality is like a state of dynamic equilibrium. For every soul in this world this equilibrium is different but because of the dynamic we can find a very similar normality between these souls. This similarity will keep our integrity preserve and in order to survive we have to develop our normality so we can integrate in our society.

I realize that getting out of this normality result in the isolation of individuals and most of the time the society are calling them nerds or losers. Unfortunately a few societies nowadays are trying to repudiate these “extremes” and forcing them to change so they become part of their normality. Fortunately we owe our life style to these extremes of normality. I found it strange that most of us are trying to be perfect in a normal society.

I consider that in the world we have over 6 billion normality circumstances in more than a hundred different societies and we criticize or trying to change these normality just because we consider ours better.Is it right or wrong? Continue reading

SECRETS – something that we all have.



We all have secrets. But why?  And how long we can keep a secret?  It is bad or good thing to have them?

Our brain is creating secrets every time when it starts to think and as soon as our mouth decides to spit it out it’s not a secret anymore.  Our behavior is changing when we know a secret. We start to feel important and at the same time it is grinding us inside and we must tell someone. We start to lie and becoming more distant in our envy that sometimes leads to cowardice. In the same time the secret can make us a better human being. A secret is the only one thing that can produce all feelings that a human can have from good to bad.

The world is revolving around creating or decoding secrets.  Not only that but our world is built on secrets that sometimes become mystery’s if we cannot explain them. Think about the old secrets societies that used secrets to save or preserve strong religion believes. Strange how these secrets are creating the good and the bad in humanity. Is it goo or bad thing to have them I don’t know the only thing I know is that we need them.

When we all start to read minds we will lose the mystery of a secret and the world will be blunter. It will be a better world to live in it,  but in the same time a less excited one.

What do you think is bad or good to have secrets?


Ingenuity is the initiative of knowledge

is the cleverness of absurdity

is the absurdity of  cleverness

is the imagination of obscurity

is the obscurity of imagination

is the foolishness of invention

is the inventiveness of ridiculous

is the originality of a thought

is the toughness of originality

is a skilled creativity.

Ingenuity it’s a skilled cunning initiatives of imagination that can create originality.

The dreadful side of the human.



A human side where jealousy is a reflection in a mirror of a beautiful love. Or a simple lie can throw us on this dark side where our arrogance could generate an intense loathing of hypocrisy. It’s a human side where monsters are born of their own hatred. We all know this horrific side from the past. For most of us sometimes is hard to admit that we have this side. It’s an ugly side and it makes us to be embarrassed when we reveal it.

This dreadful side of a human is always driven by hate. A deep and emotional feeling created by a sick brain to justify a madness.

There is a say about addictions that you have to hit the rock bottom of it to wake up and realize what you’ve done to you. It’s the same with hate. It’s like a tick-tack bomb ready to explode when hate is triggered. You don’t realized what you done until you calm down and look around and then you start to be ashamed of it. Doesn’t matter how small are your consequences after your action you will try to hide them inside of you so nobody will ever knew about it.

I was thinking that only isolation from the world might make us a perfect human but then we are human and we have to interact with other humans. We live in a society created by us for us and we find it difficult to isolate us. Unfortunately not only that we created this world but we subscribe to her with our actions.

I think when God created us was so absorbed about his creation that He forgot about this little dreadful side and since then is trying to help us to control it. Now it is up to us to listen to His advice or to ignore it.