What is life?

Children Park, Timisoara

Children Park, Timisoara

With prying eyes

Of eager mind,

My daughter asks me

What is life?

Provoked and stunned

By my little thinker

I thoughtfully conceived my answers

So she could understand.

Life is everything you feel

Like love or hate.

Life is everything alive

Like flowers, animals or people.

Life it’s everything that has a story

Like play, art or music.

Life is everything that mater

Like family and faith.

Intrigue and puzzle by my answers

She start to laugh and run away

Allowing me to realize

That all its left to say

“She is my life”


Music and Dance

We cannot separate them. I don’t think that we know what was first music or dance. Both emerged as a result of communication between people. Even for animals dancing is a way to communicate.If we look in the history of the world will see so many different styles of music and dancing. Every style of music is associated with a style of dance. Every time when people were  trying to express their dreams that were not allowed to do it in writing or speaking so they found a way through dancing or music.

Dance is the hidden language of the body that everyone has his own translation. Dancing can express our feelings or our mood at the time and only the dancer knows the true meaning of dance.  One dance can have more than one translations.  For some people a dance can be complicated and un translated. But each of us has its own unique dance that is imprinted in our human genes.

Music is the brainchild of the brain due to our feelings. Music can make or influence our feelings. Therefore when listening to a snappy song in the morning the day starts with enthusiasm. I believe that music is the only universal language that everybody in the world understands.

For me music is the language that God gave us and the dance is our translation.

God gave us the music so we can dance our life.