Spiral of life.

Our life is like a spiral that starts from the middle, with our soul, and finish outside, where the vastness of the realm is. Sometimes we think that we are in the same place and nothing is changed without realizing how much our knowledge has improved. That is why I consider our life a spiral not a circle because in life we don’t come back in the same spot and we gain  more wisdom every day.  If the tree has circles that describe their longevity, we have our spiral that defines our knowledge.  The more number of circles a tree has the more forest creature it shelter.  The more number of spirals we have the more souls we shelter or touch. The smoother is the spiral the better your life was but unfortunately there is no such thing and we all have bumps and roughness in our life. Our parents are trying to protect us but we don’t listen and we want to learn things on our own even if it hearts so bad sometimes. That is the spiral of life when we done the same things more than once without learning anything from the first time blaming the lack of knowledge.

And every year-end we are looking back an contemplate what we done and how we improved our self. Many people are trying to forget bad things but these bad things are those that are molding us the way we are today. All of us we like only the good and very good things in our life because these are the one which raises our confidence in us.

In the new year I wish to all of you many great moments together with the people you care about and many great post for your blogs.



Blog of the year 2013

I am much honored to receive the first star of this award and Thank you Sage Doyle for this Christmas present.  I appreciate a lot your support and I am pleased to see that you like my blog.   My first star I still cannot believe it.

Now I should follow the rules and start to share the gift of my first shiny star to my fellow bloggers that I like visit and read their blog. I have enjoyed reading so many blogs this year,  but I have selected a number of blogs that have really help and support my blog this year .

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Is the clarity to perceive a thought

Is the reason to complete a thought.

Is the sanity to apprehend a thought

Is the logic to a shadow thought

Is the fluency of our thought

Is a transparency of a demon thought

Is the eloquence of our beautiful thought

Is the simplicity of a humble thought

Is the precision to rejoin a thought

Is the intelligibility to speak a thought.

Is the brightness of our human mind.

Christmas joy.

I love the Christmas season and for me it is really the season to be jolly. We all celebrate birthdays but this season we celebrate the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ so then it is proper for us to do it with great pleasure and happiness in our souls. The birth of any child is great joy for the parents and the birth of the one who sacrificed himself for our sins is a blessing for Christians.

We are all different and we all have different family values and what I like most is that we are trying to translate these values into family traditions. When I was a kid we always celebrate the Christmas at my grandparents and I remember the preparations that we were doing before Christmas. While we were helping to prepare the traditional Christmas treats our grandparents were singing carols about Jesus Crist. On Christmas Eve ,after we get dressed in a traditional costume, we were going to sing carols to our relatives, friends or our neighbor’s houses. Now these recollections appear as magical moments that I’d like to create ,and I do, for my daughter.

I know that today Christmas is no longer what was once. I know that today during Christmas we speak most of Santa Claus than Jesus Crist. I know that today children are more captivated by Santa than Jesus. But it’s up to us to educate our children about both and most of it to separate one of another. We read stories to our children about Jesus kindness and love, and we benefit Santa to make our children to share Jesus love for human kind.

More and more people are saying that Santa Claus was created to boost Christmas sales. But who doesn’t like to get a present? Deep inside we are children so don’t deny something that is not true, just enjoyed. Santa Claus is for all the children in the world no matter of religion or race. All the religions in the world are embracing the kindness, the love and the sharing that Santa Claus is spreading.

I want to finish this post with greetings for all my friends and all my enemies in the world. Greetings for all who believe or have disbelief in Christmas or in Santa Claus  


Proud and pride

It is a simple word that is radiating a powerful feeling.  Just think about how many feelings are stimulated by this word.   Eyes are opening wide, pupils expand, heart beats faster, your mind is focusing on the sentence, goose-flesh these are some of the feelings that we have. And we have to admit that the more your attention is focusing on proud or pride these feelings are getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately all the other good feelings like compassion, love, nurturing and share are suppressed or completely disappear.

All of the wars and crimes are done because of this feeling. Some people are killing the loves one because of pride lost. People are getting stupidest and blindsided by their pride. And the more I thing about pride the more I am convinced that this word has been conceived by the politicians to achieve their purpose.

I know that it’s sound like the proud or pride is bad but right now I can’t know any good think that comes from pride. If you know let me know.

Thank you

Adrian B