Tonight I want you to come

And bring me flowers of a pen

To rewrite what it was before

From our love without the end.

Tonight I want you to be me

As I have never been before

And write me stories on my heart

About your love without an end.

Tonight I want you in my thoughts

To keep my dream into my life

With gentle voice of my desire

To stay with me, I will require.


Merry Christmas

Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church

The Holy Night is full of a joy

Angels lit candles into the sky

A divine song you’ll hear from a choir

Consisting of a celestial angels shire


The beautiful carol is surrounding the nest

Where the Three Magic Kings Star came to the rest

The Bible words prophecy were fulfilled

And Savior was born in Bethlehem


People are bringing gifts for the child

And leaving with peace and joy in their minds

Today God send baby Jesus on world

To get us to listen upon His words


The Christ is here with faith and love

To teach us to spread the peace from above

Celebrating Christ on the Christmas day

The world will have peace for one day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Wander soul

dec 22 550 (2)

Wander soul where are you going?

This heavy night will shade your dawn

And catch your face in rainbow colors,

So you can’t fly and lose your cover.

Please elude your mind in heavy thoughts

And change your garments for the morning,

When light will come in many corners

To lead your soul back into life.