Lonely wolf



The cold has come

 Among the forest,

One by one

The snowflakes fall,

All small creatures

Begin to shiver,

As the Lonely Wolf

Is on the prowl.

Living ruthless

 Lonely soul,

Scouring woods

For a reward,

Punishing every mistake

Of a reckless living thing.

Every night

Among the bushes,

On the memories

Will sleep,

Leaving tears

 Of forgiveness,

From the tired

Freezing eyes.


Trip to Romania IV

These are the last pictures from our vacation in Romania. They are from Resita, Gradinari village and The dam reservoir Trei Ape.

When angels will come


When angels will come

I will pin the cross into my heart

When angels will come

I will clean the body of sins

When angels will come

I will drain the tongue of words

When angels will come

I will cry the eyes in disbelief

When angels will come

I will tear the hands in prayers

When angels will come

I will anchor my knees in the soil

When angels will come

I will seal the peace into my mind

When angels will come

I will open the soul to worship



The question you never ask


Sometime I have a question

I don’t want to ask

Since the answer for sure

Is behind of a mask.

And hiding my fear

In doubts and concern

I am waiting the answer

That will get me burn.

Maybe sometimes we are not sure

That we’re entitled to know

And let the fear response

Inside of us to grow.

Like it or not

We have to let go

The fear response of a question

And let your life to glow.

Live in present.


A long time ago I lived in the future

And my future dream becomes present.

For a time I lived in the past,

And my lost memory becomes existence.

When present is unbearable to exist,

Yesterday or tomorrow moments becomes today.

Now I thrive to live in the present,

And my every day hope becomes reality.

Those who enjoy the present can be truly happy

And thus, no longer live with regrets of past days.