My first reconciliation.

Dear Me.

I am a simple bloggers that is trying (like everyone else) to get more attention to his blog. I start with the writing and soon I realized that I am not a good writer (I realized that some of my post are unfinished) and sometimes my posts are confusing.  I tried different styles and so far I can’t find something that is my true calling. I have a lot of ideas but when I have to put them in writing I am lost or confuse because of too many ideas. I am a little bit slow on writing and by the time that I finish to write one idea I forgot about the other ideas. The only style that I like is poetry so far. I like to compose them and I found them easy to write. I post some pictures too but after I have seen better and more beautiful pictures than mines I realized that I need more learning. I tried to learn couple of trick about photography but still it’s not my calling. I have to confess that in a way I am jealous on some of the bloggers because they have their style and they stick with that.  Inside of me something is telling to improve my ability to write my thoughts more easy and be able to slow them down so I can write them. I write this reconciliation with me in awake of my mind to find my call. As a result of this reconciliation I will create a list of goals that will make me better.

I already start with my list and the first on is to learn to play piano and by the end of the next year to be able to play “Ballade pour Adeline” (French for “Ballad for Adeline”) composed by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint . The second will be to start to read a book every week to improve my vocabulary. To keep track of my list and the status of my goals I will create a new page intended only for this list. Of course with time, if need it,  I will add more to this page.

Well Me, wish me luck and blissful journey.


Snow bird

Deeply frightened by the frost

She is trembling in a hunger.

Two trifling diamonds eyes

 It’s left from summers happy feelings.

She’s humming when she’s singing

And shiver is her dance.

She’s looking for a crumb

And wishing for a worm.

In solitude she’ll live for

A hope of another summer.



It is a sign that implies an action to do. So I stopped and I looked behind the sign and trough the sign. I saw a beautiful bleu sky that really  made me stop. Why is that?


Looking at the sky one cloud has got my attention and I started to look If I can recognized a shape from that cloud. I was captivated by the view and I started  to enjoy. Suddenly a loud sound of a horn brought me back to the reality. Then I realized that I stopped in the middle of the road, o well!? The sign said to stop so I stopped.

Whether it is the place from where God speaks to us or is a place from where aliens are, the sky has the same impression on us. It makes us to forget about our hellish rhythm of the day and to find our inner peace.