In our garden

I’ve posted some pictures before with our vegetable garden. I have to be “honest” with you that I had some help from my little helpers. ( They made me to be honest ). Here are some pictures with them.

They work day and night all summer( even when we were in vacation ) so we can have a nice harvest.

Thank you my Little Helpers.



Happy Halloween !

I have never celebrated Halloween in my childhood. I can’t put the blame on my parents except on the communist society in which we lived then. Even communism has not been able to change people’s faith in religion. And that’s why  at the beginning of November we commemorate the deceased people.  I mean in a night determined by the church we were going to the cemetery where we light candles and place them on tomb of our beloved ones. It was an unforgettable evening where the cemetery is converted into oases of light, thanks to hundreds of lighted candles in the memory of those in eternity.


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What remains after humans are only candles which burn in the night to bring the light into the darkness. It is an amazing imagine. In that evening, around the graves, we were listening to beautiful stories about our grandparent parents, which for me were fascinating. They were beautiful stories about the deceased. I remember that while I was listening to the stories I was watching their tombstone and I was trying to I imagine their face and likeness. But the most important for a child were cakes and cookies that people give them like alms for the loved one. It was the favorite cake or cookie of the deceased one, another way to find out more about them.

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These traditions have created unforgettable memories and it is what I want to do, beginning new traditions while we integrate it into the Canadian society. Just to be clear I am not and I will never be into the horror crap. I think that the horror crap in an invention of the sick and bored part of the human brain. I am trying to perceive the good roles of Halloween. One of them and the most important for me are spending time with my family using the artistic part it. Garnishing the house inside outside with Halloween decorations and carving pumpkin together with my daughter are most significant parts of the Halloween for me.  Then is the part of giving candy to the kid that I am seeing like alms for the loved one.

I have some pictures that I want to share with you.

Happy and safe  Halloween!

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Are we humans or animals ?

Yesterday while I was having lunch with my daughter she told me that all mammals are given birth to a live young and especially the animals. I said that she’s perfectly right. But she didn’t stop here she ask if humans are mammals too. I said yes with small hesitation waiting to see where she is heading to. After a pause she said very confident then we are animals too. I promptly said NO we are humans. I saw her eyes stare at me in disbelieve and I start to explain her. And as soon as I start to talk about some animal are eating plants and some animals are killing other animal in order to survive. I realized that I am confusing her more so I stop.  Then I ask her.  If a human is killing other human what will happen?  He is going to jail was her answer.  Humans have schools, houses, cars and animals don’t. And from here I start to explain her more about the differences between human and animals.  But deep down in my soul I still think that some peoples in this world are more animal then human.  In spiritual and physical relations we are more evolved than the animals but sometime psychologically we are like animals. What you think ? How can you explain to a 7 years old kid about the differences between human and animals?

St. Jacobs Farmers Market

Today we went to St. Jacobs farmers market. it is a place where most of the farmers are Mennonites from around. Usually we buy some smoke sausage, eggs farms but today we bought a beef salami made by Mennonites. It is delicious StJacobsFarmersMarket

you can see on this picture. we like the place and we are visiting this place very often.

I have more picture and I will share with you.

DSC03862   DSC03864   DSC03860  DSC03865  DSC03869  DSC03863 DSC03868

The place is located near Kitchener city, Ontario

My garden

I showed you some pictures of my garden the day I plant them. Now I have new pictures with my vegetables.

As you see my tomatoes are started to ripe.



and cucumbers too.wp-1375038042640

And I have a picture with a nice flower. I hope you like them.



Destiny of a parent.

We all learned how to ride the bicycle from our parents My dad teaches me how to ride a bicycle and I was so happy, that I could ride my bike with my friends. 0060-0808-2203-0226_Young_Girl_Riding_a_Bicycle_clipart_image

This weekend was my time to teach my daughter to ride her bicycle. After I saw my daughter riding her scooter I realise that is time for her to ride her bicycle without any training wheels. First we start with both training wheels. It was only one time around the house but all this time I was building her confidence and convince her to take off one of the training wheel. She was OK with that and for the next 5 rounds she was riding only with one training wheel. then she asked me to remove the last training wheel too. I did and for the next 5 rounds she was riding without training wheels. You could see her happiness in her eyes and a contend feeling. I was the proudest dad in the world for teaching my daughter to ride the bicycle and for continuing the destiny of a parent.

PS. Also I was the exhausted dad after 15 rounds of running beside my daughter bicycle.  It was all worth it.

Insurance renewal

In February the new premier of Ontario ,from liberal party , promise to reduce the insurance by 15%. So I said by the time of our renewal they will make the cuts. Yeah right, instead of the 384$ reduction we get and 60$ increase that means an 2.5% increase.  For our 2 cars we have an increase from 2562$ to 2624$  for year. Never ends with these guys, every year I have to hunt for better rates and then call them back to lower it. The good news is that they didn’t increase my home insurance. But the irony is that the insurance for the older car is higher than insurance for the new car. For 2006 corolla we pay more than for 2012 venza because of a higher number in claims on corolla. Every year they will find something to increase the rates and the government will promise to do something about that. I wish to have the same insurance like in Quebec where they have a premium rate supported by the province not private insurance companies.

Planting vegetables.

Everybody know that here in Canada you cannot plant anything in the garden before Victoria Day weekend. So today we went to Farmers Market ( on Ottawa St. in Hamilton) to buy our vegetables. Farmers are coming in here to sell their home made seedlings. We pay 15$ for 10 tomato plants, 2$ for 4 cucumbers plants and we buy a honey jar ( 1kg all natural ) for 9$. You can see that is very cheap and we are helping local farmers. This is the fourth year in the row since we buy our vegetables seedlings from this market and we like them so much. I have a lots of friends who are heaving a garden in there backyard just to eat something more natural and home made. Are you one of them?.

Later I will post some picture with my garden.