Piata Operei, Timisoara

Piata Operei, Timisoara


Drown memories in my happiness.

Bitten earlobe from whispers.

Flowing dreams in my artery.

Conceive thoughts in my dreams.

Romantic words in my loneliness.

Love sealed in my heart.

Voyager rumor on my smile.

Lost laughter in my tears.

Vanished songs in my poems.

Mystified dance in my steps.

Flickering candles in my faith.


Nothing to prove But proud of all.


What is life?

Children Park, Timisoara

Children Park, Timisoara

With prying eyes

Of eager mind,

My daughter asks me

What is life?

Provoked and stunned

By my little thinker

I thoughtfully conceived my answers

So she could understand.

Life is everything you feel

Like love or hate.

Life is everything alive

Like flowers, animals or people.

Life it’s everything that has a story

Like play, art or music.

Life is everything that mater

Like family and faith.

Intrigue and puzzle by my answers

She start to laugh and run away

Allowing me to realize

That all its left to say

“She is my life”

Maple syrup festival

In march break we vent to the Maple syrup festival at Bronte Creek Park. We like it and because it’s a tradition for us I would like to share my small experience about how maple syrup is made. Maple syrup is made from the sap of the maple tree, which has to be at least 40 years old to be collected. A maple tree must be 25 cm wide at chest level for the sap to be collected. Depending of the thickness of the maple tree it can have inserted up to 3 spidel.


After that we can drill  about 6 cm deep hole then we will insert a metal spidel and a bucket is hung from the hook of this spile to catch the maple sap.

Aboriginal people were the first to discover how to turn the sap into the syrup. They poured the sap into a large hollow log and they threw heated rocks into the log to boil the sap . After 24 hours they obtain the syrup or sugar.

IMG_20150318_125839 IMG_20150318_130111

The early settlers reduce the process duration to 12 hours by using the 3 kettle method. This method involves hanging tree different sized iron kettles over a large fire. The sap was poured into the largest kettle and boiled until some of  the water evaporate then the liquid was move into the medium kettle and the heat was reduced to prevent burning. To finish the syrup they used the smallest kettle to remove the water at the reduce heat to avoid burning .


Over the years people improve the process and the duration was reduced to 6-8 hours.


So much work for a sweet delicacies.