Let’s not forget that we were children

Piata Operei, Timisoara

Piata Operei, Timisoara

Let’s not forget that we were children,

And stop pretending that we listen

A child,

Who’s asking us to play,


 With them on rainy day.

Let’s not abandon our memories,

We all grew up without worries.

Some of us more,

some of us less

But we all cherish our childhood nest.

It hurts to know you have grown old

And treasure all your moments like gold.

And you my friend,

 Try to understand

That you are a child until THE END


6 thoughts on “Let’s not forget that we were children

  1. “We need to become adults to understand that they don’t actually exist and that we’ve been brought up by children, and that the armor of our laughter has made them wrongfully invulnerable. A child is to an adult what a flower is to a fruit: it’s not THE certainty of a fruit. Why worry about tomorrow, since today is going to answer right to everything. Future doesn’t exist throughout childhood, sleep or love, there’s only an eternal rain of PRESENT in a lifetime…”(Christian Bobin)
    * * *

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Melanie. We learn our feelings throughout our childbearing and we start to filter them using the petals of the flower to cover our insecurities.

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