Respect the senior drivers

Today I saw something on the street that made me very upset. One young driver was horning an old driver because was driving to slow. The old guy didn’t respond back but I did. I horn back to the young driver and I wave him to slow down and of course he show me the finger.

We are living in a society that respects seniors and we are doing lots of things to help them. Why most of the peoples are showing no respect for the seniors on the road. Why we are so hypocrites on the road and if we walk on the sidewalk or in the mall we show respect to old people. What make us so different when we are driving? Could be the speed?  Or hiding behind a glass make us less accountable for our action? I can not explain this. But it has to stop. We have to show more respect for the senior drivers. They have more experience then us and they  have the same right like us to drive on the roads.



Baby tooth

Yesterday she had a tragedy

She lost another tooth, a baby tooth.

She cries and laughs in the same time

And then

With all the care in the world

She place it under her pillow

For Tooth Fairy to come tonight

So she can get her fairy buck.

Today when she woke up

She had a real blast

Seeing the pink card and fairy buck.

She read the card 10 times

With her beautiful eyes

And after a while she said

This paper card looks just like my paper sheets

Hmm… Tooth Fairy is buying her paper sheets from the same store like us.

Another happy moment

Another beautiful memory


A smile is a pleasure

When you like someone

A smile is happiness

When you love someone

A smile is professional

When you are at work

A smile is grimace

When you dislike someone

A smile is anxiety

When you hate someone

A smile is spontaneous

When you see an old friend

A smile is contagious.

When is genuine.

A smile makes you real.



When I was a kid I was looking forward to spend my summer vacation on my grandparents village. My grandma was a very religious woman and every Sunday we had to go to church. It was an old greek-catholic church manages by orthodox priest.  I like it because we got to see more kids and after the church my grandma always by us ice cream. It wasn’t only the ice cream who got us to the church there were the stories from religion about God, angels, saints and people. My grandmother told me when we pray, God is listening to us and every night before to go to bed we had to pray to the God so he can give us strength, wisdom and forgive our sins.


Now that I have more knowledge about Judaism, Muslim and Hindu religions I can say that all these faiths have the same core value. MEN SOUL. We all are praying to our God for strength and wisdom. Through our faith we all are trying to achieve a higher level for our soul. Not one of these faiths is preaching about killing people and yet people are killing people in the name of their faith.

In the church, synagogue or mosque all people are praying for peace but after they leave the place some of them are changing in a different persons and forgetting about peace. In church we are praying for the future and outside the church we are more concentrated on the past and daily problems. I wish one day that everybody from our world to forget everything about the past, hate, greed  and begin fresh with the future in peace.

Maybe one day all of us, through our faith, we will get the all needed peace.

Please and Thank you

When we first came in Canada we were told to say please every time when we need something and thank you after we receive something. We ask why, we are not kids. Then we realized that in Canada peoples are coming from all over the world and they have different cultures. So we had to learn how to live together and to respect everybody. Those two words are very simple but are meaning a lot if you use them and believe in them. We learn about each culture, to tolerate each other and to respect their customs. I always said bring all the Palestinians and the Jews in Canada and they will start to live and respect each other. Why is that? They will forget about land and hate. But I will write more about this in another post.

Insurance renewal

In February the new premier of Ontario ,from liberal party , promise to reduce the insurance by 15%. So I said by the time of our renewal they will make the cuts. Yeah right, instead of the 384$ reduction we get and 60$ increase that means an 2.5% increase.  For our 2 cars we have an increase from 2562$ to 2624$  for year. Never ends with these guys, every year I have to hunt for better rates and then call them back to lower it. The good news is that they didn’t increase my home insurance. But the irony is that the insurance for the older car is higher than insurance for the new car. For 2006 corolla we pay more than for 2012 venza because of a higher number in claims on corolla. Every year they will find something to increase the rates and the government will promise to do something about that. I wish to have the same insurance like in Quebec where they have a premium rate supported by the province not private insurance companies.