Playa del Carmen

We had a nice vacation in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We went to Blue bay Esmeralda resort. It was beautiful, away from the canadian cold.

Burning Love for you


If I knew to burn in love,

like fire,

Then a crazy oven,

my heart will be.

I’ll send you flare,

in a form of kisses,

And hug,

will be my heat sublime.

Embers casted in red roses,

With petals,

written with your name,

will keep my passion hot,


through burning  love for you



This poem is for my lovely wife. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!




forget the happiness

printed on your brain

forget the fails

carved in your heart

forget past

marked on your face

forget the present

confessed in your eyes

forget the future

hidden in your palm

and let the time fly

between ages

with all the hazards

in a form of smile