What is life?

Children Park, Timisoara

Children Park, Timisoara

With prying eyes

Of eager mind,

My daughter asks me

What is life?

Provoked and stunned

By my little thinker

I thoughtfully conceived my answers

So she could understand.

Life is everything you feel

Like love or hate.

Life is everything alive

Like flowers, animals or people.

Life it’s everything that has a story

Like play, art or music.

Life is everything that mater

Like family and faith.

Intrigue and puzzle by my answers

She start to laugh and run away

Allowing me to realize

That all its left to say

“She is my life”


16 thoughts on “What is life?

    • Thank you Danny for your likes and comment. Yes you are right, they have deep questions and sometimes it’s very difficult to find an understandable answer for them.

  1. Hristos a Înviat!

    Sărbători Pascale binecuvântate îţi doresc, Adrian, alături de cei dragi ai tăi! Multă sănătate şi numai bucurii! Cu drag, Ştefania. 🙂

  2. Simply beautiful it was! Life is everything we feel, like love or hate. These words tell us that even bad times are an essential part of life. Life cannot be a bed of roses. But the last line left me speechless. Kudoz to all you parents. Thank you for being there for us 🙂

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