Ingenuity is the initiative of knowledge

is the cleverness of absurdity

is the absurdity of  cleverness

is the imagination of obscurity

is the obscurity of imagination

is the foolishness of invention

is the inventiveness of ridiculous

is the originality of a thought

is the toughness of originality

is a skilled creativity.

Ingenuity it’s a skilled cunning initiatives of imagination that can create originality.



It snows on every human trace

And wind cuts of my frozen face.

It is a long way and I am tired

Feels like walking through a fire.

But night falls in the wilderness

All I have left its willingness.

I hear howls of starving wolf

And fear invigorates my soul.

My heart starts beating like a drum

Instigate my body for a run.

I feel the beast, his all around

Two glassy eyes rise from the ground

We glazed each other with different intentions

Without a sign for mediation.

I stop to breathe and pull my sword

While I was praying to my Lord.

Then all I saw a big light glow

Ascending from my humble soul.