The touch of the night


Petals of night are slowly open

With Moon settling on the throne

One by one the stars are shining

Starting a magical décor.

Romantic night falls into dreams

With scents of natural themes  

Yearning after heavenly love

From the celestial seas above.

Burning desire try to escape

On the wings of a guardian angel

Dancing with love the night will end

Defeated by a madness pleasure.



10 thoughts on “The touch of the night

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    • Thank you Diana and I appreciate your thoughts. “UNFORTUNATELY” I get a promotion at work and most of my creativity time is lost to my overtime work. Thanks to the new technology I am still able to read some of your posts. How are you Diana ? I notice that you change your blog “mood” on some of your last posts. Thank you again and have a nice day Diana.

      • Can’t keep things uniform now, can we? Well, I’m glad it’s not something more unfortunate like illness that’s kept you from writing. I do appreciate your trying to keep up. So very sweet.

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