Trip to Romania III Oradea

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O the way to Timişoara we had a short stop to Oradea  to visit the old Fortress Oradea. Inside the fortress was close for renovation  but we enjoyed a nice walking outside in the park. The last 5 picture are beads necklaces  hand-made by a blind women.


Autumn touches


Tears in the eyes on the first day of school

Rustling of the leaves cuddling our ears

Scent of the flowers slowing every movement

Traces of the wind coating our lips

Color of the trees charming our eyes

Aroma of the fruit spoiling our mouth

Remembering the wars through the eyes of soldiers

Silence of the mist what gives us the shivers

Captivating season ending with a treat



Sunrise over Atlantic

Sunrise over Atlantic

Feeling is

the Way we love

the Method we act upon

the Technique we compose

the Mode we create

the Approach we care

the Style we glare

the Condition we convey

the State we portray

the Tradition we accept

the Example we abhor

the Road without an end

the Direction we know

the Practice we persist

the Life in an essence