Jerusalem 1996

I have some old pictures from Jerusalem. In 1996 I work and live in Jerusalem for a year and the Old city was my weekend attraction. Jerusalem is the Holy City for three big religion and because of that it has a lot of history behind it.  For Christians and Muslims is the place from where Jesus and Mohamed ascended to heaven. And for Jewish people is the promised land. Jesus holy tomb for Christians , Dome of Rock for Muslims and West Wall or Wailing Wall for Jewish.

I work most with Jewish people and I learn a lot about them and in particular about orthodox Jew. One of the best healthy culinary custom is that they don’t mix meat products with dairy products at the same table.

I scan some of my old pictures made in Jerusalem. Enjoy them.



We all do blog

 Because we like to log.

Some of us more

By building a core.

Some of us less

Never the less.

Some of us at day

Just for play.

Some of us at night

To use less light.

It made us to grow

Without any bow.

It keeps us together

Regardless of weather.

I just want to say

That’s the blog today.


Life through a kid eyes

Why can’t we be like children? There is a reason I am asking this.The other day I went in the park with my daughter to play. As soon as we get there my daughter start’s to play with the other kids so I was looking around to see if I can talk with somebody too. Everybody was busy or pretending to be. Then I look back to the kids and they were having lot’s of fun. Why?

For instance a child doesn’t turn steel faced when someone looks in his/hers direction. Or they don’t try to avoid eye contact by turning their head or looking down. They are not greedy or sarcastic and they don’t know how to lie. They are warm and kind and they have an unbreakable curiosity. Their questions and answers  are straight and unthinkable.Through their mind everything is either black or white. There is no grey area for them but, unfortunately, we are introducing that to them.

What I want to say is we have to be a little bit more like them. We could simply acknowledge one another and learn from our children to simplified our life. And we should know how to do that because we were once just like them.

I know it’s not easy what I am asking but after all its a small world that we are making so difficult. Let’s  be more happy, more appreciative of the simple things in life.

Lets see our life trough our children eyes.

Are we humans or animals ?

Yesterday while I was having lunch with my daughter she told me that all mammals are given birth to a live young and especially the animals. I said that she’s perfectly right. But she didn’t stop here she ask if humans are mammals too. I said yes with small hesitation waiting to see where she is heading to. After a pause she said very confident then we are animals too. I promptly said NO we are humans. I saw her eyes stare at me in disbelieve and I start to explain her. And as soon as I start to talk about some animal are eating plants and some animals are killing other animal in order to survive. I realized that I am confusing her more so I stop.  Then I ask her.  If a human is killing other human what will happen?  He is going to jail was her answer.  Humans have schools, houses, cars and animals don’t. And from here I start to explain her more about the differences between human and animals.  But deep down in my soul I still think that some peoples in this world are more animal then human.  In spiritual and physical relations we are more evolved than the animals but sometime psychologically we are like animals. What you think ? How can you explain to a 7 years old kid about the differences between human and animals?

Apple picking

In the morning was sunny and after we checked on the weather network to make sure it’s not going to rain today , we decided to go apple picking. But just to be on the safe side, because most of the time the guys from weather network are wrong, my wife decided that we should dress up like a cabbage (in layers of light clothes).

We set off to Frootogo orchards which is located in the picturesque town of Waterdown Ontario. On this beautiful 116 acre farm you can enjoy a day of family fun activities including pick your own apple or pumpkin, a petting zoo area, children’s play area and take home treats from their market or bakery.

After you have breathed the autumn fresh air, while picking up apples in the orchard, you can warm up in the bakery savouring one of their hot meals.  We enjoy their mouth-watering home bake apple pie or home-made fresh leek soup. They are delicious.

You can see from the pictures that we spend a wonderful time on FROOTOGO Orchards where we pick our royal gala apples in the last 4 years.

Rain rain …..

Rain rain go away……

It’s raining and I am sitting inside trying to write something on my blog. Nothing so far its like the rain washed all my thoughts. I am dropping the notebook on the couch and I headed to the window.    Outside the green leaves pounded and squirt a little longer before moving into the realm of yellowing fall. I open the window and the air is so soaked that my nostrils can no longer inhale it.  Then I am thinking how Fred Astaire could dance and sing in the rain. If I will try to do that now everyone will say I am crazy. You’re tied down by fixed ideas than you might think in the most fertile thoughts.  The same thoughts that you have left at the mercy of rain to wash them and now are good mixed with the bad ones without any color.  The smell of rain is angelic with cool spicy flavors of musk that made my bored inspiration go away.
It still raining and my thoughts are still drowned and waiting for the sunshine to bring them back with fears and worries. The rain sleeps waiting for the Sun to wake her up. Who knows maybe tomorrow.

Sea World San Diego

From Los Angeles we went on a day trip to San Diego to visit Sea World Park. It’s a very educational park about marine animals. We where looking forward to return to this park after 3 years. But unfortunately the One Ocean show with killer whales was not so great like 3 years ago. It  was missing the bonding between human and whales that was before.  In spite of that we enjoyed the encounters with killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks and we even touch alive starfish. Blue Horizons show with dolphins, birds, pilot whales and acrobatic was superb. We had a nice lunch with chicken and ribs at Calypso Bay smokehouse.

Adventure Park

It is the second park from Disneyland California that we visited.I know this is this park was built before Epcot and Hollywood Studio from Florida but it is a compilation of these two parks. We start to glide with Soarin over the California then we land it at Disney Junior stage where we dance with Sofia the 1st and Doc McStaffins. We laugh at the Muppet vision 3D and we were amazed by the Aladdin musical. After a nice lunch at Flo’s V8 café we headed to Paradise Pier for the rides. A bug land is beautiful and entertaining.

At night we were impressed by the World of Color over the Paradise Bay.

Also I have some pictures for you to enjoy.

Disneyland Park California

Overall impression about the park was very good and I would recommend this park for family with grandparents and small kids who may not go too far. To me this park is too focused and it feel that the park rides are one on top of another. In a way was better because we saw more in a shorter time. I recommend the new comics shows of “Tangled” and “Beauty and the Beast” kept at Royal Theatre. But most of all I recommend “It’s a small world” ride where the music will be singing in your head for the rest of the day.

I made a small pictures gallery and I hope you will enjoy them.