Vegetables plants from my garden




And some of mulch Berry delicious




Listen to the words

That breeze into the wind,

Listen to the child

When laughing with joy,

Listen to your love

Once hate is in your heart,

Listen to the sadness

With every tear drop,

Listen to the hunger

In all your bites for life,

Listen to the winner

Of every cancer fight,

Listen to the God

With every pray you do,

Listen to the peace

In any one of you.


To my Father

It’s a long time since your death,

And I miss your voice Dad,

Wise and gentle words of guidance,

Faith in me and thoughts in silence.

I wish you were here,

To protect me from my fears,

Next to me, like in the past,

When my thoughts were very fast.


I have a strange desire

You and me, around a campfire,

Telling you about endeavors,

Which we never spend together.


I feel now your kindness touch,

Of an angel on the watch,

To protect my humble love,

Which you gave me as a trove.

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Inside voice

Inside voice

Born in a shadow of a mind,

Without the strength to shine.

Trigger an earthquake inside,

When it tries to come to life.

In misery the present is buried,

At the time of declared.

With sorrow the voice is slain,

When desire screams in pain.

From a silent naive thought,

A subliminal sigh was left.

Adrian B.

I write…..

I write words in the heart of a soul

In bright colors with shades of harmony,

I write the scent of the light in a smile

With a flavored vision in the beat of a star,

I write songs in the core of a heart

In verses of love with joyful notes,

I write feelings in imaginary thoughts

With traces of fantasy dried in the night,

I write memories of a brain thirsty imagination

Immersed in the living water of faith,

I write…..



In quiet moments of the night,

The breeze of moon is whispering,

To all the stars, that harvest light

Profound desire, for your love


My heart is like a fountain,

Of murmur full of whispers,

That humming through my veins,

A passion carved in bitter.


I want to leave in darkness,

All my dreams of whispers,

That leaves a trail of memories,

Touched by the whispers melody.