When you think that we are all subjected to this and our entire daily existence is tied to this list. At home , at work , at school , at gyms we have a to do list. Everywhere and everything we do has to do with this to do list. In today’s society we can’t cope without these lists and in the end of the day we try to accomplish them. If we can’t accomplish one of the chore we try to find excuses and other reasons to remove it from the list or change the list at our sole discretion. We do not even try to see the true cause of failure.
The same thing happens with our goals that we made them for our life. Sometimes we choose an easier solution to what we wanted to do even though we know that is far from what we wanted from the beginning. How strange and crazy we are, we ignore our failures just because it’s easier for us.
I wonder how many people have achieved their goals in life from their first to do list. I can consider myself a lucky man because I achieved most of them but I hope that I will mark all my goals from my list until the end of my life.


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