The dreadful side of the human.



A human side where jealousy is a reflection in a mirror of a beautiful love. Or a simple lie can throw us on this dark side where our arrogance could generate an intense loathing of hypocrisy. It’s a human side where monsters are born of their own hatred. We all know this horrific side from the past. For most of us sometimes is hard to admit that we have this side. It’s an ugly side and it makes us to be embarrassed when we reveal it.

This dreadful side of a human is always driven by hate. A deep and emotional feeling created by a sick brain to justify a madness.

There is a say about addictions that you have to hit the rock bottom of it to wake up and realize what you’ve done to you. It’s the same with hate. It’s like a tick-tack bomb ready to explode when hate is triggered. You don’t realized what you done until you calm down and look around and then you start to be ashamed of it. Doesn’t matter how small are your consequences after your action you will try to hide them inside of you so nobody will ever knew about it.

I was thinking that only isolation from the world might make us a perfect human but then we are human and we have to interact with other humans. We live in a society created by us for us and we find it difficult to isolate us. Unfortunately not only that we created this world but we subscribe to her with our actions.

I think when God created us was so absorbed about his creation that He forgot about this little dreadful side and since then is trying to help us to control it. Now it is up to us to listen to His advice or to ignore it.


8 thoughts on “The dreadful side of the human.

  1. Hate and jealousy are emotions most often present in small minded humans. Instead of trying to understand, improve themselves and become a better person, they decide to simply express their mental state through hate or jealousy. However, emotions like jealousy can be not only irrational (without a real cause or existing exclusively in one’s perception), but also rational (i. e., when there is a real instance or cause to react like that). I doubt, there’s any single person who hasn’t experienced both at some point of their lives. Important is, we do not allow this emotion to become dominant.
    Hate can be also induced by propaganda, and that is the worst type of hate because it involves large numbers of people and even entire nations.
    As humans, we always have a choice: to become obsessed with hate and jealousy, or to find reasonable ways for ourselves and raise above such emotions. The smaller the mind, the more actions and scenarios of hate and revenge it will produce. These emotions are originating in the person, and only the particular person is able to overcome them.
    Well, addiction is from some other category, and if being an alcoholic or drug addict can cause pathological jealousy or clinical manias which involve hate, this person most likely will need help to get rid of such addictions, unless they have the strength to withstand such addictions on their own which is completely possible.

    • Thank you for your comment Inese. Unfortunately for some people is very hard to find another love so they find comfort in het and jealousy. but that we are here to help the others.

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