Playa del Carmen

I have so many words to say

That I could string them on a cord,

To mold a dance, from a ballet

With feelings acting in accord.


I have so much love to share

That I could spread it in the air,

Compelling crazy tyrants to wear,

Compassion garb of eternal care.


I have so much tear to shed

That I could flood an entire desert,

To wash the martyr’s crown of thorns

Caught between the greedy souls.

I have so many kisses to give

That I could stick them on the letters,

To offer those that wish to live,

Desire thoughts that last forever.




We invented words so we can explain ourself better,  at first only to make distinction between “give me a stone” or “stone you”. We have improved our words so much that we need sometimes dictionaries to understand them.

Today words are the bridge between your thoughts and what others can see in you. Nobody really know how you feel or what you think if you don’t describe it in words. And if we could not have said any word, we certainly find other ways to express ourselves. But we are not. And many times we forget to use words. We forget to say if we are sad, happy, worried or frightened. And most of the time we forget to say “I love you” or ” I miss you” even when we feel that way. And just like that, a moment will come in which between what we feel and what we express will be a difference so large that those around us will get confuse. They will not understand us and together we will suffer. And all this is happening because we forget that our thoughts don’t speak for us or no one can hear them. So let’s talk and write words, even if sometimes we speak before we think, because only using these words we will we be able to understand us better . And if we use offensive words  let’s not forget that there are also pardon words.

Remember always that you need tu use words to be heard.