In quiet moments of the night,

The breeze of moon is whispering,

To all the stars, that harvest light

Profound desire, for your love


My heart is like a fountain,

Of murmur full of whispers,

That humming through my veins,

A passion carved in bitter.


I want to leave in darkness,

All my dreams of whispers,

That leaves a trail of memories,

Touched by the whispers melody.


To my Mother


I read through your facial wrinkles

The strained web of your joys of life

I see through your tired eyes

The sleepless nights of a crying baby

I hear through your boundless ears

Traces on the phone of the last whispers

I feel through your restless heart

Motherly warmth of an accomplished soul

I touch through your delicate hands

The things that took life from you

I speak through your faded lips

The confidence words of an advice

I suffer through your guarded mind

The crave to a hug that is lost in silence

I care through your endless love

The desire of happiness for me.


Piata Operei, Timisoara

Piata Operei, Timisoara


Drown memories in my happiness.

Bitten earlobe from whispers.

Flowing dreams in my artery.

Conceive thoughts in my dreams.

Romantic words in my loneliness.

Love sealed in my heart.

Voyager rumor on my smile.

Lost laughter in my tears.

Vanished songs in my poems.

Mystified dance in my steps.

Flickering candles in my faith.


Nothing to prove But proud of all.