Is the clarity to perceive a thought

Is the reason to complete a thought.

Is the sanity to apprehend a thought

Is the logic to a shadow thought

Is the fluency of our thought

Is a transparency of a demon thought

Is the eloquence of our beautiful thought

Is the simplicity of a humble thought

Is the precision to rejoin a thought

Is the intelligibility to speak a thought.

Is the brightness of our human mind.

My thoughts.

I thought I should stop thinking so much. Every thought brings with him dozens and hundreds of little thoughts and themselves with others are so on until these small thoughts echoed my thoughts. Thinking to hard a simple thought will simply get you to think wrong on some stuff that you did not have to think at all.

Thinker of Hamangia  by mabyetomorrow on deviantART

Thinker of Hamangia by mabyetomorrow on deviantART

But then I think that the thought of not thinking still bothers me. No, I can not get out of my thought that the thought is what it raised me. Our thoughts give us value. Without thinking what would I be?

And while I get lost in thinking too many thoughts  a nice thought ran through my head that if I could only teleport my hundreds of thoughts from my mind to your mind and together with your thoughts  we can born a better and more useful a thought.