You’re a tear of my soul

Holding you from anyone

Till my guarding lover Angel

In my dream will always come

To convey about my passion

For the love that I desire.


Lonely wolf

The cold has come

 Among the forest,

One by one

The snowflakes fall,

All small creatures

Begin to shiver,

As the Lonely Wolf

Is on the prowl.

Living ruthless

 Lonely soul,

Scouring woods

For a reward,

Punishing every mistake

Of a reckless living thing.

Every night

Among the bushes,

On the memories

Will sleep,

Leaving tears

 Of forgiveness,

From the tired

Freezing eyes.

Autumn touches


Tears in the eyes on the first day of school

Rustling of the leaves cuddling our ears

Scent of the flowers slowing every movement

Traces of the wind coating our lips

Color of the trees charming our eyes

Aroma of the fruit spoiling our mouth

Remembering the wars through the eyes of soldiers

Silence of the mist what gives us the shivers

Captivating season ending with a treat