Are we humans or animals ?

Yesterday while I was having lunch with my daughter she told me that all mammals are given birth to a live young and especially the animals. I said that she’s perfectly right. But she didn’t stop here she ask if humans are mammals too. I said yes with small hesitation waiting to see where she is heading to. After a pause she said very confident then we are animals too. I promptly said NO we are humans. I saw her eyes stare at me in disbelieve and I start to explain her. And as soon as I start to talk about some animal are eating plants and some animals are killing other animal in order to survive. I realized that I am confusing her more so I stop.  Then I ask her.  If a human is killing other human what will happen?  He is going to jail was her answer.  Humans have schools, houses, cars and animals don’t. And from here I start to explain her more about the differences between human and animals.  But deep down in my soul I still think that some peoples in this world are more animal then human.  In spiritual and physical relations we are more evolved than the animals but sometime psychologically we are like animals. What you think ? How can you explain to a 7 years old kid about the differences between human and animals?