SECRETS – something that we all have.



We all have secrets. But why?  And how long we can keep a secret?  It is bad or good thing to have them?

Our brain is creating secrets every time when it starts to think and as soon as our mouth decides to spit it out it’s not a secret anymore.  Our behavior is changing when we know a secret. We start to feel important and at the same time it is grinding us inside and we must tell someone. We start to lie and becoming more distant in our envy that sometimes leads to cowardice. In the same time the secret can make us a better human being. A secret is the only one thing that can produce all feelings that a human can have from good to bad.

The world is revolving around creating or decoding secrets.  Not only that but our world is built on secrets that sometimes become mystery’s if we cannot explain them. Think about the old secrets societies that used secrets to save or preserve strong religion believes. Strange how these secrets are creating the good and the bad in humanity. Is it goo or bad thing to have them I don’t know the only thing I know is that we need them.

When we all start to read minds we will lose the mystery of a secret and the world will be blunter. It will be a better world to live in it,  but in the same time a less excited one.

What do you think is bad or good to have secrets?