Many of us promise all sorts of stuff, although we do not have the slightest intention to keep our word. Why? Because we live with the impression that it doesn’t cost us anything to take these words in the wane. Well, with time, I learned on my own skin that the price paid for failure to comply with a promise is very great, because others lose the confidence in me.

From my point of view, a promise is not just that statement accompanied by the word ‘promise’, but is that statement which gives rise to hopes or expectations in the soul of the person to whom it is addressed. That’s because a promise has a larger impact on other than a statement started with might, we try, or if I’ll be able to. And the disappointment caused by a broken promise is far greater than that caused by a probable statement.

Unfortunately, today, people no longer take responsibility even for their actions, much less will not assume when in the middle are just some simple words.

Sometimes an achived  probable statement likely creates a better sense of accomplishment than a promise made.