Don’t you find it strange that the people all the time think that their generation was the best and they always criticize the generations that will come after them. And how many times have we heard from young people saying about their parents that they are stupid or morons. This lack of respect between generations deepens  more particularly between generations with large age differences between them. Or maybe when we can’t or we don’t want to face the new progresses in our life we delude ourselves with memories of our childhood. All the generations are expecting the other generation to do more to understand them without any explanations. For me the oldest generation should start first , they have more wisdom.  No one can ask a younger generation to understand an older generation as they haven’t lived in it.

We are a strange human race because, sometimes we show more respect for a foreigner than for the people closest to us. We are more interested in what some strangers think about us than our parents feeling. Unfortunately this lack of respect is spreading into the world between countries, religion, race, and political parties.

And as usual it all starts in the family . The way they raised you is the way they will have you.

Happy Halloween !

I have never celebrated Halloween in my childhood. I can’t put the blame on my parents except on the communist society in which we lived then. Even communism has not been able to change people’s faith in religion. And that’s why  at the beginning of November we commemorate the deceased people.  I mean in a night determined by the church we were going to the cemetery where we light candles and place them on tomb of our beloved ones. It was an unforgettable evening where the cemetery is converted into oases of light, thanks to hundreds of lighted candles in the memory of those in eternity.


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What remains after humans are only candles which burn in the night to bring the light into the darkness. It is an amazing imagine. In that evening, around the graves, we were listening to beautiful stories about our grandparent parents, which for me were fascinating. They were beautiful stories about the deceased. I remember that while I was listening to the stories I was watching their tombstone and I was trying to I imagine their face and likeness. But the most important for a child were cakes and cookies that people give them like alms for the loved one. It was the favorite cake or cookie of the deceased one, another way to find out more about them.

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These traditions have created unforgettable memories and it is what I want to do, beginning new traditions while we integrate it into the Canadian society. Just to be clear I am not and I will never be into the horror crap. I think that the horror crap in an invention of the sick and bored part of the human brain. I am trying to perceive the good roles of Halloween. One of them and the most important for me are spending time with my family using the artistic part it. Garnishing the house inside outside with Halloween decorations and carving pumpkin together with my daughter are most significant parts of the Halloween for me.  Then is the part of giving candy to the kid that I am seeing like alms for the loved one.

I have some pictures that I want to share with you.

Happy and safe  Halloween!

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Jerusalem 1996

I have some old pictures from Jerusalem. In 1996 I work and live in Jerusalem for a year and the Old city was my weekend attraction. Jerusalem is the Holy City for three big religion and because of that it has a lot of history behind it.  For Christians and Muslims is the place from where Jesus and Mohamed ascended to heaven. And for Jewish people is the promised land. Jesus holy tomb for Christians , Dome of Rock for Muslims and West Wall or Wailing Wall for Jewish.

I work most with Jewish people and I learn a lot about them and in particular about orthodox Jew. One of the best healthy culinary custom is that they don’t mix meat products with dairy products at the same table.

I scan some of my old pictures made in Jerusalem. Enjoy them.