Proud and pride

It is a simple word that is radiating a powerful feeling.  Just think about how many feelings are stimulated by this word.   Eyes are opening wide, pupils expand, heart beats faster, your mind is focusing on the sentence, goose-flesh these are some of the feelings that we have. And we have to admit that the more your attention is focusing on proud or pride these feelings are getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately all the other good feelings like compassion, love, nurturing and share are suppressed or completely disappear.

All of the wars and crimes are done because of this feeling. Some people are killing the loves one because of pride lost. People are getting stupidest and blindsided by their pride. And the more I thing about pride the more I am convinced that this word has been conceived by the politicians to achieve their purpose.

I know that it’s sound like the proud or pride is bad but right now I can’t know any good think that comes from pride. If you know let me know.

Thank you

Adrian B