I anchor my spirit among the stars

To breathe their eternal power,

And abandon my restless mind,

In an attempt to hide from the sorrow.


My desire is painted in vivid colors

And able to filter my restless thoughts,

To release the flavor of silence rumors,

About my eternal secrete space.


A space where my rowdy whisper,

Is beating every unspoken word,

Therefore, my balanced soul can anchor,

Deep, inside of a silent world.





In quiet moments of the night,

The breeze of moon is whispering,

To all the stars, that harvest light

Profound desire, for your love


My heart is like a fountain,

Of murmur full of whispers,

That humming through my veins,

A passion carved in bitter.


I want to leave in darkness,

All my dreams of whispers,

That leaves a trail of memories,

Touched by the whispers melody.


Piata Operei, Timisoara

Piata Operei, Timisoara


Drown memories in my happiness.

Bitten earlobe from whispers.

Flowing dreams in my artery.

Conceive thoughts in my dreams.

Romantic words in my loneliness.

Love sealed in my heart.

Voyager rumor on my smile.

Lost laughter in my tears.

Vanished songs in my poems.

Mystified dance in my steps.

Flickering candles in my faith.


Nothing to prove But proud of all.

Burning Love for you


If I knew to burn in love,

like fire,

Then a crazy oven,

my heart will be.

I’ll send you flare,

in a form of kisses,

And hug,

will be my heat sublime.

Embers casted in red roses,

With petals,

written with your name,

will keep my passion hot,


through burning  love for you



This poem is for my lovely wife. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Angel and Demon



In a small and crowded place

A demon with a devil face

Meets an angel on patrol

To protect a humble soul.

Love at first sight start in danger

Between demon and the angel

Angel tried to change the demon

With her love without venom.

Poor angel died in vain

Leaving demon in great pain

When he realized his sorrow

Then he changed into a sparrow

And flew up into the heavens

To ascend into an angel.




Faded light is melding colors

One by one over the sunset

Night is changing like a chameleon

Cornered me in the moon glowing circle

My shadow is blending

With sadness taste

Around my addictions

Over a red neon light

That is flickering over the concrete

Leaving me in my solitude

Dizzy and cold into the death


We all do blog

 Because we like to log.

Some of us more

By building a core.

Some of us less

Never the less.

Some of us at day

Just for play.

Some of us at night

To use less light.

It made us to grow

Without any bow.

It keeps us together

Regardless of weather.

I just want to say

That’s the blog today.