Editing our life.





Editing is a discipline that we start to learn in the moment that we are born. Some people are aspiring to edit perfections, through a level of science and art, while others maintain it at the waterline or don’t give a shit on it. The more society is developed the more we depend on editing.

We are editing not to achieve the perfection

but to cheat the perfection.

We like editing because is very hard printed in our brain and it’s part of human culture.

 The truth with a hint of a lie.

Rearranging your speeches.

Revising your plans.

Amending the situations.

Restriction of your thoughts.

Suppression your dreams.

Control of your happiness.

Overseeing your wealth.

Managing your madness.

Directing your future.

Yes, we know it’s part of our name and after all, we have to let people – and search engines – to know what we are doing.

The word unspoken of The vocal of words

Don’t you feel strange that most of the people are posting happy pictures? Where are all the bad pictures? Are we ashamed of them?

I smile to you with my eyes so I can see it later.

To be honest we need editing. How boring will sound a story if we simply piece together some facts from our life.

Ones upon a time…..