To my Mother


I read through your facial wrinkles

The strained web of your joys of life

I see through your tired eyes

The sleepless nights of a crying baby

I hear through your boundless ears

Traces on the phone of the last whispers

I feel through your restless heart

Motherly warmth of an accomplished soul

I touch through your delicate hands

The things that took life from you

I speak through your faded lips

The confidence words of an advice

I suffer through your guarded mind

The crave to a hug that is lost in silence

I care through your endless love

The desire of happiness for me.

I am Dancing

I am dancing with my mother

Kid I was, without a trouble.

Fallowing her thoughtful hints

I was feeling like a prince.


I am dancing with my lovers

Then they get me in a trouble.

Before and after each of fight

I was feeling like a knight.


I am dancing with my wife

Then she start to change my life

Love and lyrics in the air

I was like my friend Voltaire.


I am dancing with my daughter

Swirling, jumping in her laughter.

Joy of happy thoughts arising

I am feeling so amazing.