Insurance renewal

In February the new premier of Ontario ,from liberal party , promise to reduce the insurance by 15%. So I said by the time of our renewal they will make the cuts. Yeah right, instead of the 384$ reduction we get and 60$ increase that means an 2.5% increase.  For our 2 cars we have an increase from 2562$ to 2624$  for year. Never ends with these guys, every year I have to hunt for better rates and then call them back to lower it. The good news is that they didn’t increase my home insurance. But the irony is that the insurance for the older car is higher than insurance for the new car. For 2006 corolla we pay more than for 2012 venza because of a higher number in claims on corolla. Every year they will find something to increase the rates and the government will promise to do something about that. I wish to have the same insurance like in Quebec where they have a premium rate supported by the province not private insurance companies.