Playa del Carmen

I have so many words to say

That I could string them on a cord,

To mold a dance, from a ballet

With feelings acting in accord.


I have so much love to share

That I could spread it in the air,

Compelling crazy tyrants to wear,

Compassion garb of eternal care.


I have so much tear to shed

That I could flood an entire desert,

To wash the martyr’s crown of thorns

Caught between the greedy souls.

I have so many kisses to give

That I could stick them on the letters,

To offer those that wish to live,

Desire thoughts that last forever.



Burning Love for you


If I knew to burn in love,

like fire,

Then a crazy oven,

my heart will be.

I’ll send you flare,

in a form of kisses,

And hug,

will be my heat sublime.

Embers casted in red roses,

With petals,

written with your name,

will keep my passion hot,


through burning  love for you



This poem is for my lovely wife. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Gambling Love


One day I’ve play my love at poker

I had a good hand without a joker

Two best cards and not sober

Made me bet a little bit over


With small blind on my wall

I bet two “dates” for a call

Then Passion, Kiss and Beauty

Flop down just like in the movie


Engagement ring I throw it on the table

To show them that I’m young and able

Fourth, the river card, was Wealth

Followed by the turn card, Health


My two best cards Bliss and Sincere

Made me bet without a fear

 “All in” I raised the bet

Then I won my Juliet


Passion, Kiss, Beauty, Sincere and Bliss

That’s what Love it is

Lightly floured with Wealth and Health

It became a LOVE without an END