I write…..

I write words in the heart of a soul

In bright colors with shades of harmony,

I write the scent of the light in a smile

With a flavored vision in the beat of a star,

I write songs in the core of a heart

In verses of love with joyful notes,

I write feelings in imaginary thoughts

With traces of fantasy dried in the night,

I write memories of a brain thirsty imagination

Immersed in the living water of faith,

I write…..



Castles of faith begin to collapse,

And clerics are crushed by the evil axe.

Blind men are seeing the mankind fall,

Created by creatures on their sprawl.

We breathe the same old sharp reek

Spread by grim faces of a cold cheek.

We roughened inside slain by ordeals,

Without no escape for the future to reveal.


Children are staring at Tyrant’s fad

And get intoxicated by his jihad

I’ll try not to get into too much psychic

Retrieving myself from evil lyrics.


Sadly we live next to deaf nations,

But we will yell so they can hear our voices.

Peace on Earth is in every faith commitment,

“Ode to Joy” should be our sacred Anthem.

When angels will come


When angels will come

I will pin the cross into my heart

When angels will come

I will clean the body of sins

When angels will come

I will drain the tongue of words

When angels will come

I will cry the eyes in disbelief

When angels will come

I will tear the hands in prayers

When angels will come

I will anchor my knees in the soil

When angels will come

I will seal the peace into my mind

When angels will come

I will open the soul to worship



Happy Halloween !

I have never celebrated Halloween in my childhood. I can’t put the blame on my parents except on the communist society in which we lived then. Even communism has not been able to change people’s faith in religion. And that’s why  at the beginning of November we commemorate the deceased people.  I mean in a night determined by the church we were going to the cemetery where we light candles and place them on tomb of our beloved ones. It was an unforgettable evening where the cemetery is converted into oases of light, thanks to hundreds of lighted candles in the memory of those in eternity.


courtesy of http://www.evz.ro/

What remains after humans are only candles which burn in the night to bring the light into the darkness. It is an amazing imagine. In that evening, around the graves, we were listening to beautiful stories about our grandparent parents, which for me were fascinating. They were beautiful stories about the deceased. I remember that while I was listening to the stories I was watching their tombstone and I was trying to I imagine their face and likeness. But the most important for a child were cakes and cookies that people give them like alms for the loved one. It was the favorite cake or cookie of the deceased one, another way to find out more about them.

Photos curtsey of http://g1b2i3.wordpress.com

These traditions have created unforgettable memories and it is what I want to do, beginning new traditions while we integrate it into the Canadian society. Just to be clear I am not and I will never be into the horror crap. I think that the horror crap in an invention of the sick and bored part of the human brain. I am trying to perceive the good roles of Halloween. One of them and the most important for me are spending time with my family using the artistic part it. Garnishing the house inside outside with Halloween decorations and carving pumpkin together with my daughter are most significant parts of the Halloween for me.  Then is the part of giving candy to the kid that I am seeing like alms for the loved one.

I have some pictures that I want to share with you.

Happy and safe  Halloween!

Photos 1 courtesy of http://www.evz.ro/

Photos 2 courtesy of http://g1b2i3.wordpress.com

I believe!


I believe that I will learn something new

 Every morning when I wake up.

I believe in a new step

Even when I feel that is nothing left.

I believe in oblivion

Because is happening for a reason.

I believe that every kick in the ass it’s a step forward

No matter how painful it would be.

I believe that every good or bad event

It will make us stronger.

I believe in parents love

Even when they are disappointed.

I believe in the kindness of those around me

Even when they are reluctant to show it.

I believe in the promises of my loved one

Even when I lost faith in them.

I believe in second chance

 But my faith will stop after that.

I believe that to a sincere smile

Even the grumpiness can change.

I believe in a world fill with kindness

Even if is so much cruelty.

I believe in love

For the people who hate each other.

I believe in faith

For every soul in the world.