Respect the senior drivers

Today I saw something on the street that made me very upset. One young driver was horning an old driver because was driving to slow. The old guy didn’t respond back but I did. I horn back to the young driver and I wave him to slow down and of course he show me the finger.

We are living in a society that respects seniors and we are doing lots of things to help them. Why most of the peoples are showing no respect for the seniors on the road. Why we are so hypocrites on the road and if we walk on the sidewalk or in the mall we show respect to old people. What make us so different when we are driving? Could be the speed?  Or hiding behind a glass make us less accountable for our action? I can not explain this. But it has to stop. We have to show more respect for the senior drivers. They have more experience then us and they  have the same right like us to drive on the roads.