Let’s not forget that we were children

Piata Operei, Timisoara

Piata Operei, Timisoara

Let’s not forget that we were children,

And stop pretending that we listen

A child,

Who’s asking us to play,


 With them on rainy day.

Let’s not abandon our memories,

We all grew up without worries.

Some of us more,

some of us less

But we all cherish our childhood nest.

It hurts to know you have grown old

And treasure all your moments like gold.

And you my friend,

 Try to understand

That you are a child until THE END

Life through a kid eyes

Why can’t we be like children? There is a reason I am asking this.The other day I went in the park with my daughter to play. As soon as we get there my daughter start’s to play with the other kids so I was looking around to see if I can talk with somebody too. Everybody was busy or pretending to be. Then I look back to the kids and they were having lot’s of fun. Why?

For instance a child doesn’t turn steel faced when someone looks in his/hers direction. Or they don’t try to avoid eye contact by turning their head or looking down. They are not greedy or sarcastic and they don’t know how to lie. They are warm and kind and they have an unbreakable curiosity. Their questions and answers  are straight and unthinkable.Through their mind everything is either black or white. There is no grey area for them but, unfortunately, we are introducing that to them.

What I want to say is we have to be a little bit more like them. We could simply acknowledge one another and learn from our children to simplified our life. And we should know how to do that because we were once just like them.

I know it’s not easy what I am asking but after all its a small world that we are making so difficult. Let’s  be more happy, more appreciative of the simple things in life.

Lets see our life trough our children eyes.

Apple picking

In the morning was sunny and after we checked on the weather network to make sure it’s not going to rain today , we decided to go apple picking. But just to be on the safe side, because most of the time the guys from weather network are wrong, my wife decided that we should dress up like a cabbage (in layers of light clothes).

We set off to Frootogo orchards which is located in the picturesque town of Waterdown Ontario. On this beautiful 116 acre farm you can enjoy a day of family fun activities including pick your own apple or pumpkin, a petting zoo area, children’s play area and take home treats from their market or bakery.

After you have breathed the autumn fresh air, while picking up apples in the orchard, you can warm up in the bakery savouring one of their hot meals.  We enjoy their mouth-watering home bake apple pie or home-made fresh leek soup. They are delicious.

You can see from the pictures that we spend a wonderful time on FROOTOGO Orchards where we pick our royal gala apples in the last 4 years.