What is life?

Children Park, Timisoara

Children Park, Timisoara

With prying eyes

Of eager mind,

My daughter asks me

What is life?

Provoked and stunned

By my little thinker

I thoughtfully conceived my answers

So she could understand.

Life is everything you feel

Like love or hate.

Life is everything alive

Like flowers, animals or people.

Life it’s everything that has a story

Like play, art or music.

Life is everything that mater

Like family and faith.

Intrigue and puzzle by my answers

She start to laugh and run away

Allowing me to realize

That all its left to say

“She is my life”


Art the way I see it.

On the cave walls are drawings made by cave man who had his mind one goal to live forever. The cave man draw simple things about his life.

Thousands of year have pass and now the ancient man has start to improve the art by adding a new function, the aesthetics. Ancient man start to feel more powerful evolved than his ancestors. He start to build big places where he admired his art. His art was simple but with more color and

After a couple of centuries when the art was drowned in a mists of  wars the art was reborn. It was reinvented by two great artists Leonardo and Michelangelo who revolutionized the technic and  glorified the human beauty. Now the artist is becoming a master in art and his/hers paintings is expressing enigmatic and contradictory feelings on human faces. It like they invented the photography.

In modern art the art is becoming more complex and the artist start to turn attention to death or alive nature. Picasso and Van Gogh complicate the art in a such way that you had to step back couple of steps to understand it. Sometime the art can mean different for different people. People start to invent words to express their feelings about art.

Now technology is taking us on the higher level. We are making art from everything and more complex. We take the art from our history and raised to a higher level that sometime  you can’t understand if it’s about you or the artist.

For me art is something that you can feel it with your heart, soul or imagination and it can make you be a human.