To my Father

It’s a long time since your death,

And I miss your voice Dad,

Wise and gentle words of guidance,

Faith in me and thoughts in silence.

I wish you were here,

To protect me from my fears,

Next to me, like in the past,

When my thoughts were very fast.


I have a strange desire

You and me, around a campfire,

Telling you about endeavors,

Which we never spend together.


I feel now your kindness touch,

Of an angel on the watch,

To protect my humble love,

Which you gave me as a trove.

Happy Fathers Day!!!!


Angel and Demon

In a small and crowded place

A demon with a devil face

Meets an angel on patrol

To protect a humble soul.

Love at first sight start in danger

Between demon and the angel

Angel tried to change the demon

With her love without venom.

Poor angel died in vain

Leaving demon in great pain

When he realized his sorrow

Then he changed into a sparrow

And flew up into the heavens

To ascend into an angel.