august 054


I’m not afraid of shady  fogs,

Solely about me and my evil thoughts.

I’m not afraid one day I’ll lose my desire

Only that my dreams will wither like a flower.

I’m not afraid of death as much as of life,

With the burden of sin, carried around.

I’m not afraid of what is to be feared,

Just that my luck would become real.

I’m not afraid that hate will conquer my core,

Only that my love will destroy the world.



In our garden

I’ve posted some pictures before with our vegetable garden. I have to be “honest” with you that I had some help from my little helpers. ( They made me to be honest ). Here are some pictures with them.

They work day and night all summer( even when we were in vacation ) so we can have a nice harvest.

Thank you my Little Helpers.


Once upon a Star


Once upon a time

A star shown in the sky,

But nobody knew

And nobody imagined,

This beautiful sapphire

Had a nocturnal desire.


From then on, every night

She glow down on earth,

But not a single soul

Had not thought,

Her divine shine

Protected the world.


At last, in some way,

The star has died.

And no one knew,

In angel she descended,

To spread its glow

Upon the world,

That she adore.


The Wellington County Museum

Last weekend we visit the Wellington County Museum located between Fergus and Elora in Ontario, Canada.  It was built in 1877 for refugee and poor people from Wellington County.

When you visit this place, it really shows you just how large the holes in old society used to be. It can be overwhelming at times to think of how easily you would’ve ended up in a place like this a hundred years ago. There are other exhibits there that change regularly, but the most powerful part of the experience is the poorhouse. It’s not only fine for kids to visit this place, but it gives them something valuable to think about, as opposed to another theme park visit. Museum is free by donation and it’s worth the drive!

I took some pictures and I will share with you . Enjoy them.

The most important exhibit is about how poor people use to live in here.

One of the exhibition was about WW I.

It is a great place to learn about local and Canadian History.



I anchor my spirit among the stars

To breathe their eternal power,

And abandon my restless mind,

In an attempt to hide from the sorrow.


My desire is painted in vivid colors

And able to filter my restless thoughts,

To release the flavor of silence rumors,

About my eternal secrete space.


A space where my rowdy whisper,

Is beating every unspoken word,

Therefore, my balanced soul can anchor,

Deep, inside of a silent world.