The joy of accomplishment.

Today on our way back from the school bus stop my daughter started to get so excited to tell me the good news from school. Because she has done a great job at math the teacher made her  “Super Star” and she even get a princess sticker. You know that I am very proud of her and my pride grew in the same way as her joy did while she continued to tell me every detail about her great achievement.

This has made me think of moments of joy that I have experienced myself and share them with my loved ones. From simple successes as a great marks in school, build a castle in the sand or throw a stones on lake and to be bouncing off four times our personality can grow.  And all these, small accomplishments, are shaping your character so you can achieve bigger success like riding your bike, finishing your university or the birth of a child.

Every time when this moment happens your heart is beating madly with joy, your hands shaking with excitement and you’re thinking how to get as soon as possible at home, where hopping you don’t know who to call first. It makes you to realize that we need to share our joy with somebody that we love or we care. It is etched in our genes the desire of expression of a great news.

You want your loved ones to share the joy. But why? What “benefit “of joy waiting to get through this? Just a sentence like “Great job” hear from someone you love can make you feel accomplished?

I think that the reward for this accomplishment is building our personality and faith with the help of the loved ones.

How is called this need to quickly tell someone about your accomplishments?

I am Dancing

I am dancing with my mother

Kid I was, without a trouble.

Fallowing her thoughtful hints

I was feeling like a prince.


I am dancing with my lovers

Then they get me in a trouble.

Before and after each of fight

I was feeling like a knight.


I am dancing with my wife

Then she start to change my life

Love and lyrics in the air

I was like my friend Voltaire.


I am dancing with my daughter

Swirling, jumping in her laughter.

Joy of happy thoughts arising

I am feeling so amazing.

“LIKE” a gift.


Today I was thinking to write about the sublime act of giving or receiving a gift. I like to give gifts and I love getting them.

What is more easy giving or receiving a gift? I think none of them are easy. In both cases people can have their feelings hurt if you don’t do it right. Even a simple gift can cause a real catastrophe in a relationship . If it hurts our feelings why we are keep doing it? I think it’s something in us that make us more self-righteous when we give a gift or because of your childish feelings of joy and happiness before we open a gift. And all those good or bad feelings are making us memories that we will cherish them forever.

For me a gift has several meanings it can send love feeling for family member, can be hello for a new friend , can show a respect for an old friend, can be a thank you for a nice job friend. And for my blogger friends after a read a new post and I like to consider that the “LIKE”  is a gift from me to you for a very nice post.

Receiving a gift for me It has the same meaning like giving one. And I always try to show my appreciation for the gift. It is tough when I don’t like it because I had to tell that and somebody will have a bad day. I prefer to say that when I am alone with that person and then everything will be fine and replace it with something that I like. That way everybody is happy.That’s why when I receive a like or a follow I am responding with a thank you comment on your blog.

Life through a kid eyes

Why can’t we be like children? There is a reason I am asking this.The other day I went in the park with my daughter to play. As soon as we get there my daughter start’s to play with the other kids so I was looking around to see if I can talk with somebody too. Everybody was busy or pretending to be. Then I look back to the kids and they were having lot’s of fun. Why?

For instance a child doesn’t turn steel faced when someone looks in his/hers direction. Or they don’t try to avoid eye contact by turning their head or looking down. They are not greedy or sarcastic and they don’t know how to lie. They are warm and kind and they have an unbreakable curiosity. Their questions and answers  are straight and unthinkable.Through their mind everything is either black or white. There is no grey area for them but, unfortunately, we are introducing that to them.

What I want to say is we have to be a little bit more like them. We could simply acknowledge one another and learn from our children to simplified our life. And we should know how to do that because we were once just like them.

I know it’s not easy what I am asking but after all its a small world that we are making so difficult. Let’s  be more happy, more appreciative of the simple things in life.

Lets see our life trough our children eyes.