Trip to Romania III Oradea

IMG_00003654 IMG_00003653 IMG_00003652 IMG_00003650 IMG_00003649 IMG_00003648 IMG_00003647 IMG_00003644 IMG_00003637 IMG_00003636 IMG_00003629 IMG_00003627 IMG_00003626 IMG_00003625 IMG_00003624 IMG_00003623 IMG_00003622 IMG_00003615 IMG_00003609 IMG_00003604 IMG_00003607 IMG_00003606 IMG_00003605

O the way to Timişoara we had a short stop to Oradea  to visit the old Fortress Oradea. Inside the fortress was close for renovation  but we enjoyed a nice walking outside in the park. The last 5 picture are beads necklaces  hand-made by a blind women.


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