Silence is the same in any language

Silence is the desired peace after the war

Silence is the taciturn noise and speaker’s muteness

Silence is the tyrant happiness to atrocities made in mute

Silence is watching the living statue of a deer

Silence is a reticence of a thought that will hurt

Silence is the Quiet night that will bring the calm and death

Silence is the crying of the hero

Silence is ………….


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Dear Adrian, thanks for another good meditation of Yours. Though, have You ever thought that silence is the sum of all languages in the world. In fact, Silence is God as He never speaks with words, but through a mute impulse which comes down to our hearts.

  2. Foarte adevărat spui şi foarte frumos ai scris poemul, Adrian.

    Uneori tăcerea este benefică. Spunea, Confucius , că: “Tăcerea este prietenul care nu te trădează niciodată. ”
    O seară minunată îţi doresc, Adrian şi numai bucurii! 🙂

    • Multumesc mult Stefania si mii de scuze de raspunsul itirziat. Iti citesc cu placere poeziile tale( care sint mai presus de poeme mele) si admir cu mare placere tablourile. Multa sanate si sa citim numai de bine. Adrian B.

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