Normality or dynamic equilibrium

Since we are born we are overwhelmed with rules that guide us to be normal. I mean we were taught when is normal to feel warm, cold or when is normal to cry or laugh. It is only after we grow up and we getting smarter we begin to realize that normality is a condition in which our soul perceives their surrounding as a result of subsequent events or is determined by our society. The condition of our human feelings are at the root of  our normality and at the same time, these feelings, are developing our “normal” boundaries or standards . In fact, normality is like a state of dynamic equilibrium. For every soul in this world this equilibrium is different but because of the dynamic we can find a very similar normality between these souls. This similarity will keep our integrity preserve and in order to survive we have to develop our normality so we can integrate in our society.

I realize that getting out of this normality result in the isolation of individuals and most of the time the society are calling them nerds or losers. Unfortunately a few societies nowadays are trying to repudiate these “extremes” and forcing them to change so they become part of their normality. Fortunately we owe our life style to these extremes of normality. I found it strange that most of us are trying to be perfect in a normal society.

I consider that in the world we have over 6 billion normality circumstances in more than a hundred different societies and we criticize or trying to change these normality just because we consider ours better.Is it right or wrong?

4 thoughts on “Normality or dynamic equilibrium

  1. Dear Adrian, I believe that a feeling of superiority is more close to the epoch of colonization. If you read history you will notice as well that some nations have it due to their mentality. Each of us is equal in eyes of Creator. Only our sins and skills differ us. But gays or other perverts are indeed different. They try to cover with so-called normality their vices. So, people must protect pure morals and the society from them. Vice is vice and there is no excuse to it.

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