Spiral of life.

Our life is like a spiral that starts from the middle, with our soul, and finish outside, where the vastness of the realm is. Sometimes we think that we are in the same place and nothing is changed without realizing how much our knowledge has improved. That is why I consider our life a spiral not a circle because in life we don’t come back in the same spot and we gain  more wisdom every day.  If the tree has circles that describe their longevity, we have our spiral that defines our knowledge.  The more number of circles a tree has the more forest creature it shelter.  The more number of spirals we have the more souls we shelter or touch. The smoother is the spiral the better your life was but unfortunately there is no such thing and we all have bumps and roughness in our life. Our parents are trying to protect us but we don’t listen and we want to learn things on our own even if it hearts so bad sometimes. That is the spiral of life when we done the same things more than once without learning anything from the first time blaming the lack of knowledge.

And every year-end we are looking back an contemplate what we done and how we improved our self. Many people are trying to forget bad things but these bad things are those that are molding us the way we are today. All of us we like only the good and very good things in our life because these are the one which raises our confidence in us.

In the new year I wish to all of you many great moments together with the people you care about and many great post for your blogs.


7 thoughts on “Spiral of life.

  1. Thought provoking post Adrian…love reading your post…I just came back to real life now after an awesome break so taking my sweet time to catch up 🙂 Hope you had a good break dear.

    Happy New Year!


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