I believe!


I believe that I will learn something new

 Every morning when I wake up.

I believe in a new step

Even when I feel that is nothing left.

I believe in oblivion

Because is happening for a reason.

I believe that every kick in the ass it’s a step forward

No matter how painful it would be.

I believe that every good or bad event

It will make us stronger.

I believe in parents love

Even when they are disappointed.

I believe in the kindness of those around me

Even when they are reluctant to show it.

I believe in the promises of my loved one

Even when I lost faith in them.

I believe in second chance

 But my faith will stop after that.

I believe that to a sincere smile

Even the grumpiness can change.

I believe in a world fill with kindness

Even if is so much cruelty.

I believe in love

For the people who hate each other.

I believe in faith

For every soul in the world.

6 thoughts on “I believe!

  1. I just loved the positive thought behind your poem here….and specially ‘I believe that every kick in the ass it’s a step forward’ as it was a nice way to explain why we should not regret the bad things happening to us at times as they are also great teachers at times….

    • To stay positive in this crazy world is very hard but I am trying to look at the beautiful side of that with my feet on the ground. Thank you and welcome back Kavita.

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