Survivor and forgiveness

Survivor is one of the reality show that I am deeply thrilled by. It’s the ugly side of our life concentrated in 40 days. A life of deception, lies, mistrust, backstabbing and more. This kind of things would happen at work not in a family. If you look at this episode you will understand human psychology and its pettiness. What is more intrigued in this episode is that they fight against the loved ones. Mother vs daughter, brother vs brother, wife vs husband . All contestants say they love their relatives but none would lose a match in front of them. For a million dollars they would rather humiliated their loves one than to lose. It’s strange but I know that in real life they would not do anything like that. all your life you try to build a trust with your loves one and you risk to destroy it for a million dollars. Really? Yes I know some of the people will do that for less.

Unfortunately this is a part of our life and we have to accept it. The faster we accept the easier we forgive them. This is happening  in the end of this show and they forgive each other. For them was just a game for us is not but we still have to able to forgive.

Jesus forgive Judas for betraying him.

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