Rain rain …..

Rain rain go away……

It’s raining and I am sitting inside trying to write something on my blog. Nothing so far its like the rain washed all my thoughts. I am dropping the notebook on the couch and I headed to the window.    Outside the green leaves pounded and squirt a little longer before moving into the realm of yellowing fall. I open the window and the air is so soaked that my nostrils can no longer inhale it.  Then I am thinking how Fred Astaire could dance and sing in the rain. If I will try to do that now everyone will say I am crazy. You’re tied down by fixed ideas than you might think in the most fertile thoughts.  The same thoughts that you have left at the mercy of rain to wash them and now are good mixed with the bad ones without any color.  The smell of rain is angelic with cool spicy flavors of musk that made my bored inspiration go away.
It still raining and my thoughts are still drowned and waiting for the sunshine to bring them back with fears and worries. The rain sleeps waiting for the Sun to wake her up. Who knows maybe tomorrow.


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